Why do I get an error message when logging on to Members 1st Home banking?

Your device probably needs to have the favorites/bookmarks updated. First, delete the old favorites/bookmarks. Second, retype the URL address in: https://www.mymembersfirst.org. When the page loads, resave it as a new favorite/bookmark.


What browsers are supported by Members 1st Home Banking?

We support the current and prior major releases of Inernet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome .


Why can’t I use quicken to download my financial information?

Due to the substantial annual licensing fees charged by Intuit Corporation, TN Members 1st does not currently have a large enough population of Quicken users among our members to justify such an expense. We will continue to monitor our member’s needs against the outstanding costs.


How do I retrieve my e-statement?

Log on to Home Banking and click on the e-statement tab.


Trouble shooting information related to Members 1st Home Banking.

The following types of tools and/or access are not reccommended and may impact your Home Banking experience:

Accessing account information via an embedded browser such as:

  • Personal or Commercial Financial Management Software (Quicken, Quickbooks, etc)
  • Browser bars within AOL, Yahoo, Google, etc
  • Internet Portal access within gaming systems such as XBox
  • Use of browser Add-Ins (Emotions, Fun Web Services, etc)