About Us/Join!

In 1946, TN Members 1st was Oak Ridge’s first credit union chartered by the Federal Government to service the employees of the Department of Energy. In October, 2005, TN Members 1st received its community charter for Anderson, Knox, and Roane counties. This allows everyone who lives, works, worships, or attends school in these counties to be eligible for membership with our credit union.

Why Should I Join a Credit Union?

Membership offers many benefits that are unique just to credit unions and cannot be found at banks! The credit union legacy is a long and proud one, and as a credit union member, you can be a part of that legacy.

  • Credit unions are not-for-profit. This means that decisions are made with the members in mind, not a group of stockholders.
  • A credit union is a financial cooperative. Members’ resources are pooled in order to provide low-cost, low-fee products and services.
  • No matter how large or small a member’s account with the credit union may be, that member has equal ownership in the credit union.
  • Run for the Board of Directors (the Board is comprised of members who serve as volunteers, meeting each month)
  • Serve on any one of the member-comprised committees.
  • Attend and vote at the Annual Meeting.
  • Contact our Member Service Department for additional details.

How Do I Join TN Members 1st?

If you live, work, worship, or attend school in Anderson, Knox, or Roane counties, you can join TN Members 1st! You will need to come in to one of our locations in order to open your new account. Due to the guidelines of the Patriot Act, we cannot accept account applications online or over the phone. However, once you have joined, almost any need can be fulfilled by phone, or through our convenient and secure online banking system.

To become a member, you must open a savings account with a minimum initial deposit of $5.00. Then, you’ll be ready to take advantage of all the benefits of credit union membership!